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10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Severe Acne Condition

Severe Acne

Acne is a problem every generation will face and if you do not do anything about it, acne will affect your self esteem and ultimately how well you do in life. Right now there are over 150 million men and women suffering from acne in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. A large percentage of them suffer from low self-esteem, bullying, and even depression which has an overall effect on how they live their lives.

Fortunately, there are 10 simple things that you can do that will lessen, if not totally get rid of acne.

  1. Avoid touching or pricking your pimples – This irritates the pimple and makes it even worse. Touching or pricking leads to infection that spreads underneath your skin leaving an ugly acne scar when it eventually heals.
  2. Wash your face when needed – Washing with mild soap at least 3 times a day will help get rid of excess oil. Sulfur soap is also ideal because it kills germs and fungi. If you have an oily skin, it is also good to use a soap with Benzoyl Peroxide.
  3. fatty foods causing acneMind what you eat – If you suddenly had an outbreak of acne, it may be an allergic reaction to a food that you ate. It is advisable to consult a doctor to determine which food causes an outbreak. You’d also like to avoid too much deep-fried food, dairy products, and seafood with high levels of iodine. In replacement of these foods, you can try greens that are rich in zinc, which is believed to relieve acne.
  4. Drink lots of water – This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of acne and one of the most ignored. Water flushes out toxins in your body and the more water you drink, the cleaner your body is from dangerous toxins. This results in a healthier and more supple skin… and less pimples.
  5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise – Another way to flush out toxins is by sweating it. You’ll not only get fit and healthy when you exercise, you will also get rid of acne. Exercise will also help you drink more water.
  6. Avoid oil based products – Anything that you put on your face or on your hair that is oil based should be thrown in the trash. Besides, why would you want to put oil on your face when it is the primary cause of acne?
  7. Do not wear make up if possible – Make up clogs your pores and may result to acne. Dirt won’t be able to come out causing an infection under your skin. If wearing make up cannot be avoided, make sure to wash it off as soon as you can.
  8. StressAvoid stress – Stress affects every person in all negative ways. High blood pressure, heart attack, you name it, stress has something to do with it. Including outbreaks of acne. So make sure not to stress yourself or relieve whenever you are stressed. A good exercise is one way to relieve stress.
  9. Keep it clean – Another one of the most overlooked ways to get rid of acne. Avoid touching your face, sleeping with your face flat on a table, and other things that will put dirt on your face.
  10. Bask in the sun and get some fresh air – Walking in the morning sun and breathing fresh air helps produce vitamin D which is good for the skin. It also resupplies your skin with oxygen.

Getting rid of acne or at least controlling an outbreak is perfectly doable. It just needs a little determination, consistency, and self discipline. Go ahead and try the tips above and see how it helps your condition.

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